Top 10 Reasons to Vote "No"

Lisa Kaiser drives it home in this week's Milwaukee Shepherd Express cover story. She put together a terrific and thoughtful list of reasons Wisconsin should reject the civil unions and marriage ban. The list is prefaced with this:
Voting “yes” means that the Wisconsin Constitution will include a ban on same-sex marriages and the legal recognition of relationships that are similar to marriage—that includes civil unions and domestic partnerships, two forms of relationships that many heterosexual people create.

Voting “no” means that the constitution will not include discrimination. It means that everything will stay the same. It means that gays and lesbians will not be able to get married in Wisconsin, which is the current law. It means that civil unions and domestic partnerships will continue to be options for couples. And it means that Wisconsin would be the first state to reject a constitutional ban on civil unions and same-sex marriages at the ballot box.
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