UW Board of Regents Opposes the Ban

Today in Platteville, the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents committee voted to oppose the constitutional ban.

According to this AP story, their opposition stems from their concern over the second sentence and how it would impact the UW System's ability to offer benefits to gay and lesbian partners.
Regents, who govern the UW System of 13 four-year universities and 13 two-year colleges, said the amendment would threaten the state's ability to provide domestic partner benefits.

The board has long lobbied the Legislature to lift a ban on health and other benefits for partners of gay employees.

UW-Madison is the only school in the Big 10 conference that does not offer the benefits -- a policy that recently prompted a star nanotechnology researcher to leave.
The Badger Herald reports that speaking in favor of domestic partner benefits and against the amendment were representatives from Lands' End, Foot Locker, and the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce who came out strongly against the ban in August.
“[Lands’ End and Foot Locker] spoke about why domestic partners benefits are important,” Pruitt said. “And the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce was specific about opposing the amendment.”

The Lands’ End and Foot Locker representatives said 40 percent of Wisconsin companies already have domestic partner benefits, Pruitt added.


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