Why I’m Hopeful

This weekend I walked my 15th door-to-door canvas, and it was notably different from the first, second, or even the tenth.

Until very recently, we always found the same disturbing thing when we talked with voters-- at least half of them had no awareness of the proposed change to our constitution. I always found it depressing that people were so tuned out of state politics that they could not recall having heard about it before.

The good news, of course, is that they heard about it from us first, and we were able to inform them of the second sentence, and of the many ways the ban will hurt tens of thousands of Wisconsin families.

In recent weeks, they have also been hearing about the ban in tv ads, debates, and on the op-ed pages of newspapers. This week alone, for example, the Dodgeville Chronicle posted six letters against the ban and one in favor, and it also carried a quarter page ad from Fair Wisconsin. The Platteville Journal had two letters against and one for, plus a good front page article and a paid ad against the ban.

So today, when I knocked on doors in Dodgeville I got a completely different response than when I started. Every person I talked with knew about the ban. Almost all of them were familiar with the wording of the second sentence. And most of them, by far, said they were voting no.

I’m thinking these weeks of pounding the pavement, writing letters, wearing my NO button everywhere, putting up yard signs, passing out brochures, marching in parades, and speaking at forums … all these weeks of work are paying off.

I saw for myself this weekend that people are hearing -- have heard -- our message.

Sure, the ban supporters are pulling out the stops in a last ditch effort to scare people into voting yes with half truths uttered by paid actors. But we’ve been sharing our stories and our message for months, up close and in person.

We’re going to win. We have to keep talking and we have to get out the vote.


At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am all for being optimistic, but if someone came to my door, my home, I would probably tell them what they wanted to hear. Let's hope you are right.

At 3:08 PM, Anonymous David said...

Best of luck to all of you on Tuesday. I don't think you have a snowballs chance in Texas.

You claim that this isn't about gay "marriage", but look at the ads. A farmer in WI saying he is against gay marriage, but will vote no. and you claim that your opposition is making this about marriage.

Get a grip, you are just as misleading.

I, for one, am voting yes on this - don't see why I should have to pay for the insurance of live-in's and shack-ups which is what you want me to do. Trust me, my health insurance is high enough without dragging you along with it.

count on my vote for YES and move on.


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