Wisconsin Amendment "Faces Considerable Opposition"

BPNews is a national, socially conservative Christian news service. They have been running a series of articles on amendment fights around the country.

Yesterday, they featured Wisconsin:
If a constitutional marriage amendment is to be defeated at the polls this year, both sides agree Wisconsin just might be the state to do it.

It is the lone state considering an amendment on Election Day to have voted for Democrat John Kerry in 2004. Wisconsin, in fact, hasn't gone Republican in a presidential race since 1984 and was one of only nine states to vote for Democrat Michael Dukakis in 1988.

The proposal has drawn opposition from newspaper editorials, labor unions, university board of regents and several prominent politicians, including Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, who is running for re-election and is leading in the polls.

"If you can think of an organization, they've probably come out in opposition to us," Rocco DeFilippis, a spokesperson for Wisconsin's Vote Yes for Marriage campaign, told Baptist Press. "... Wisconsin is viewed as the first place that one of these amendments can get defeated."

Nice. Here's the complete article.


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