Wisconsin Campuses Gaining Momentum

Our out-state student organizer, Andrew Moe, just posted the following update for out-state campuses over on the Students for a Fair Wisconsin blog:

As I sit here in Fair Wisconsin's field office in Eau Claire, I'd like to give you a quick update of our Greater Wisconsin campuses. We have a strong and aggressive field campaign statewide, and coupled with our university and student support, we are reaching more people than we thought possible.

At UW-La Crosse, for instance, our Students for a Fair Wisconsin chapter is dropping thousands of lit pieces each week. In addition to our regular chalkings, volunteer meetings, and pledge-collecting, we are also leading the forces by canvassing our students and neighbors.

UW-Stevens Point continues to amaze everyone in Madison. With 65 people at their kickoff just a few weeks ago, they're still 40 members strong at volunteer meetings. We've been featured on weekly radio programs, reaching both students and community members, and the student organizers are completely committed to our efforts and on message!

Our students at UW-River Falls have some unique challenges ahead of them, but we are going strong! Since the university is on the edge of Wisconsin's border with Minnesota, we're finding many students are worried about losing their Minnesota citizenship if they choose to vote here. Good news, everyone, that won't happen! You don't need to get a Wisconsin driver's license to vote, and you'll still be able to call yourself a Minnesotan. Simply go to the State Elections Board website for more details. That goes for everyone at UW-Stout as well...

Speaking of UW-Stout, we're very excited to start canvassing and speaking with students one-on-one soon. That's because we've noticed some opposition on campus. We have found just yesterday that College Republicans were handing out pieces of wedding cake with some "Vote YES for the Federal Marriage Amendment on Nov. 7" literature. Sorry to tell you, kids, but the Federal Marriage Amendment was defeated some time ago. We're talking about the ban on civil unions and marriage in our state.

UW-Oshkosh has built a solid - and I'm talking SOLID - coalition of volunteers and organizations on their campus. If they're not canvassing, dropping lit, or chalking, you can probably find them either planning A Forum of Faith Perspectives on the Amendment (Oct. 23, 7pm-8:30pm, Reeve Union, Rm 227 C) or on the phones calling up students for support! And this is very good news since it's my largest campus...

And finally, UW-Eau Claire is picking up steam - just when I arrive in town! We are starting our first canvass this week, tabling, dropping lit, and starting some phone banks soon. We have thousands of houses to knock on between now and Nov. 7, and we need all the help we can get!

The student organizers at the Greater Wisconsin campuses are, by far, one in a million. It's difficult to ask someone to give up their lives for ten weeks prior to a mid-term election, and that's exactly what they did. If you, or someone you know, goes to any of these schools, simply email us at students@fairwisconsin.com and we can get you plugged into all of our volunteer opportunities.


At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Steven said...

Its so great to see young people getting involved in such an important issue.

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Paul said...

I think that flyer from UW-Stout shows that our opposition is neither organized nor funded. Federal Marriage Amendment? I mean come on! I'm almost embarrassed for them.

I also noticed on the back of the flyer they state that marriage is a "timeless" (quotes theirs) institution. Why "timeless" and not TIMELESS? Quotes do not add emphasis, but rather they indicate doubt or uncertainty.

Those in favor of this amendment are quick to say that yes, they are organized and funded and they are getting their word out. But it appears that they are spending most of their time preaching to the choir, so to speak. They've spent a lot of money making DVDs and literature that they are distributing to churches. However, churches--especially evangelical or otherwise conservative churhes--are already full of people voting yes.

What Fair Wisconsin has going for it, is that its message is not concentrated in the liberal bastian that is Madison, but its word is being spread throughout the state on other UW campuses and via the field offices. It would be easy for us to concentrate our efforts here in Madison and Milwaukee, but in order to win this, we have to reach out the moderates and conservatives across the state and educate them as to what this ban really means.

The leaders of Fair Wisconsin were wise to realized this early on. This is why we actually have a chance at winning this.


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