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It feels a little delirious around here because we've been working from about 7:30am to at least 10pm many nights in a row. But we're still having fun. It's amazing how many people come through in a day to offer their help. Here are some of the latest scenes from inside the Madison office.
We are very close to unleashing our get out the vote program. You have helped us fill our shifts on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Now we still need more help with canvassing on Tuesday. Please sign up here.

Eldie Acheson has joined us to help with election protection.

David is responsible for building our online calendar and GOTV sign up system. He and Ingrid are making the signs for WWW.

Today, a board member brought in boxes of pizza for lunch. The scene was swamped within minutes.

We've taken over four floors of our building. Here's just one place where we're beginning to gather materials for the massive get out the vote push.

Madison GOTV central planning office...

Deputy campaign manager Matt Gerend and one of his stress release toys.

Campaign manager Mike Tate hunkered down and making some final fundraising calls.

To get out one last fundraising mailing, we had people working around the clock to do it in house.

Student organizing director Leah Israel, UW-Madison student organizer Andy Gordon, and fundraiser Kate Moen.

One of the many families who have been stopping by to pick up signs, make a contribution, or sign up for volunteer shifts.


At 8:08 AM, Blogger Paul said...

I was at the team captains' meeting last night and I would describe the atmosphere as PUMPED! Let's turn them out!



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