A Slice of the GOTV Scene

This weekend thousands of you joined our GOTV push and knocked on well over 60,000 doors. Today and tomorrow, we have even more people signed up. Here are some scenes from the activities in Madison...


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Kyle said...

An Indie Wisconsin Votes No!

At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Cal said...

Hey, can any of you propaganda thugs explain how automatic calls saying, "If you support heterosexual marriage, and oppose activist judges, then vote NO" squares with a group that puts the word "Fair" in its name?

I've had plenty of debates with honest individual on all sorts of issues, including homosexuality. But NEVER have I seen a political organization that brings shame to our state like Fair Wisconsin. Do you grassroots members realize that your leaders think you're too stupid to deserve an honest debate on the merits of same-sex marriage?

Vote for marriage, children & society. Vote against deception & demagogurey.

Vote YES.

At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cal -

What are you talking about? The proponents of the amendment have lied from the beginning and they're lying today. Fair Wisconsin has tried to clarify that this isn't a vote on how you feel about gay marriage. I just got an automated call last week from Rep. Mark Gundrum. He said there is a gay marriage lawsuit at the WI Supreme Court. That's an outright lie. Scott Fitzgerald has been sayign the amendment is designed to allow civil unions. Another lie.

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Cal said...


I don't know how high up you are in the hirearchy of this foul, foul organization, so maybe Fraud Wisconsin is pulling the wool over your eyes. But don't you DARE tell me this isn't about same-sex marriaige. The gay lobby has swapped in new, more outrageous lies with every defeat they've been handed. First they tried honesty: "We want same-sex marriage."

Americans said no.

Then the lies started: "Medical & visitation rights, wills, etc."

Americans said no.

One needn't look any further than Fraud Wisconsin's INEXCUSABLE lie about domestic violence statutes. No intellectually-honest observer can deny that, upon reading both statutes, Wisconsin's DV laws are clearly different than Ohio's.

Sorry, but the verdict is in. Fraud Wisconsin does not trust the people of our state to have an honest discussion about this issue. They paint anyone with serious concerns about the societal implications as another Fred Phelps. Like the most brainwashed cultists, they utterly dismiss the recent history of liberal activist judges. They are willing to sacrifice the very concept of truth to get what they want.

Maybe "gay marriage lawsuit" is innacurate. I don't presume to know the details of it, but it's easy to see how juges could discover a "right" to gay marriage in any suit. True, Fitzgerald's words sound disingenuous (that is, IF you quoted him accurately). But that does NOT exuse the despicable actions of Fraud Wisconsin, and how they've sunk our state's politics to a new low.


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